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Updated: 1-27-2024









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Twenty Year Web Site Aniversarry  !!!

 I signed up for my site at ICDSoft on  1/11/2004

I've since learned that a man's gots to know his limitaitons, but he doesn't necessarily has to abide by them.

I'm Back Baby! Latest update1/15/2024. Previous to that was 5/19/2018: Six Years or so ago.

My webpage is a cyberentic anachronism, and I'm using a web editor called Namco WebEditor5.5, (from  the original disk I purchased circa 2004 or so!!) It still works (sort of.)  I also occasionally still hard code parts of this site in html!

My latest projects are making this site cell phone friendly, and working on some Dungeons and Dragons content (some of which are out there at):

Dungeons and Dragons Content

The Following are links to books that feature short stories by me!


I worked with my partener Jason on the audio adaptations of two of my short stories, actually he did all the work besides the writing.

Here are links to two noir audio stories:

Judies Big Score:       An Anchored Friendship:



Here's a link to Jason's latest project, at his Materialization Site, a mini opera about the Spiritualist fox sisters:






 Recent Art 5-19-2018



Art O Mat in Yardley PA Library






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