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Updated: 09-28-2016




Union Card 


Last Song of Antietum

The New Prosperity 


Judy's Big Score 

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The Name Between the Talons

The Backside of Liberty:


Tullio 'Trifecta' Mazzucco has a big problem when a Mexican day laborer stumbles into his strip club with a fatal knife wound.-Hardluck Stories, Charlie Stella Guest Issue, Spring 2004 Live 5/25/04

Union Card : Union problems on a job site in Manhattan.-Plots with Guns, Live 5/28/04

The Goddamned State:

Sweet Captain Diamond Lou White, a Prominant Lawyer, hires PI Reilly to recover something of a very large nature that has been stolen from him by his old war buddy.-Crime Scene, Live 6/15/04

Shooting Incident: New Brunswick Detective Lueken becomes involved in an unusual shooting incident.-Shred of Evidence, Live 08/12/04

The Guy From Seattle: Gino, a mobster on the rise, has to show an annoying new guy the ropes.-Thieve's Jargon, Live 09/03/04

The Most Dangerous Animal in Louisiana: Private Investigator Reilly is hired by his old buddy Tony Carlisle to check up on some 'horses' he inherited on a plantation in Louisiana.-Plots with Guns, September 28'th 04

The Syrian: Omar Aboud, a American military policeman serving in present day Iraq, suspects his informant is using him to take out the competition in the illegal weapons trade.-Shots Magazine #23, October 11'th 04

Throwdown Piece:

A love sick college student steals corrupt New Brunswick Detective Tolland's throwdown piece. Mississippi Review, Guest Edited by Anthony Neal Smith Live January 9, 2005  Read a Review by Bob Tinsley

The Dummy Receipt: A tow truck driver witnesses a mob hit at a New Jersey Turnpike rest stop. Junk in the Trunk Web Anthology, Live February 05

Overtime Opportunities: The head of a robbery ring running out of a lumber yard suspects he might have made a mistake when he brings on a new guy. Shred of Evidence, Live February 3, 2005 Read a Review by Bob Tinsley scroll down toward the bottom of the page.

Initiation: You can pick up some unusual things at a police auction.

Parking Violation: Officer Tolland has a problem with the New Brunswick Parking Bureau.Live July 05 at Crime Scene

You Always Pay: A washed up professional wrestler, an idiot man child, and a cigarette smuggling deal gone wrong. Live 10-31-05 at Thug Lit

 Tuiton Hike: The Mazzucco family muscles in on the tuition racket at a major university. Live 01-11-06 at Demolition

Second Choice: A mobster regrets some of his decisions. Live 02-15-06 at Hardluck Storeis

First Day Back: An Air Marshal's first day back from a well deserved suspension. Live Nov 06 at Thug Lit

Judy's Big Score: A petty thief tries to rip off a ATM machine from a dive bar with an old flame. Live February 07 at Thug Lit

An Anchored Friendship: A small town cop has to talk his buddy out of a bad situation. Live May 07 at Demolition 






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