Pat Lambe:

Art Statement

    I never stopped making art despite kind of growing up, and my basic subject matter hasnít really changed. Dinosaurs, robots, aliens, these were my earliest passions. Insects, cryptid creatures, lost cities, spaceships, came later, and became incorporated into the art. Comic books, pulp novels, Saturday morning cartoons, the 4:30 movies, Godzilla; these were my Harvard and Yale art school education.


    Of course there were the more Ďseriousí artist to consider. Miro, Gaudi, Picasso (something about that fiery Catalan blood).  Klee, Kandinsky, Ralph Steadman, Saul Steinberg, Paul Laffoley, were influential when I grew a little older and learned more about modern art. Art school never appealed to me, and my only formal art education consists of a few classes in high school and college.


    My real education was working my way (almost) through college and life with a variety of jobs: restaurant worker, truck driver, transportation manager, various building trade jobs. Each of these jobs, and the documents associated with them, has provided inspiration. Maps, blueprints, technical drawings and schematics, even power point presentations fascinate me even if I donít always quite understand the details. Iím currently a telecommunications engineer by day, and an artist/writer by night.