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Updated: 5-09-2016


Photo Essay: Court Tavern: Cruel But Fair

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Bob and Eileen Albert own the Court Tavern on Church Street in New Brunswick. If your lookng for a sympathetic bartender to listen to your problems and pat you on the back, maybe this isn't the place for you. On the other hand, if you can handle some abuse from some bartenders who understand your demons because they have more than a few of their own, I'm sure you'd be welcome. Their motto is Cruel but Fair.

I am taking a picture from three angles and posting them at this site. I probably won't make it every day, but I'm going to try to update it at least three times a week with some comments.


04/08/04 Construction begins at the lot next to, and behind my local bar the Court Tavern. 04/08/04 I'm taking the first two pictures from parking space 81, five feet back from the wall, two feet from the left yellow line in the parking deck across from the Court. The third picture is taken across the street behind the Court.

The bartender says that a couple of construction guys stopped in for lunch today. They're planning on taking 50 to 100 trucks of debris out a day.

The projected effect on business: They may get some of the constuction guys in for lunch and a couple of guys after work for a couple of beers, but parking is going to be hell with the two lots being torn up and the spaces on the side of the Court boarded off. The parking deck across from the Court, owned by the developer who is building the building next to the Court, used to be free after five. A few days after consturction began, they began to charge five dollars a night on Friday and Saturday. This policy has since been expanded to Wednesday and Thursday, so it is increasingly difficult to park for free in New Brunswick.This  has deifnetley affected their business, I know of a few people who won't go into New Brunswick anymore because it too much of a hassel. I think it's affecting other businesses as well..














08-28-04 -I got to the Court earlier than I have ever been to take these photos. I was taking my photos at 9:30 from the parking deck across the street when a security guard came up to me and asked me who I was working for. I said I wasn't working for any newspapers or anything like that and I offered to give him a card. He said I wasn't supposed to be there. I asked him if it was a public parking space and he said 'on weekends'. I explained to him that I was taking these pictures for my web site. He asked me if I was the owner of the Court. I told him no. He then said the developer might not like me taking pictures there. I was done anyway, so I told him I was going and handed him a card. I said he could give it to the developer if he wanted to. The guard was polite, and he didn't really ask me to leave. If  I  get kicked out of here (I guess it's their right, the lot is owned by the same deleloper who is putting up the building next to the Court) I'll have to find another place to take two of the three pictures. I should be OK though, because one picture is the same every day and I can just take it from the street instead of the deck. I also have a friend who has an apartment with a great view of the back of the construction site, and he already said I can take the picture from his place if I have to.








 10-15-04 Finally some changes, scaffolding, pavement

10-25-04 It's official, I'm drining in a bar in Beirut, circa 1974.





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