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Literary Representation: Allan Guthrie, Jenny Brown Associates





Short Stories:Crime Ficiton


The Backside of Liberty: Tullio 'Trifecta' Mazzucco has a big problem when a Mexican day laborer stumbles into his strip club with a fatal knife wound.-Hardluck Stories, Charlie Stella Guest Issue, Spring 2004 Live 5/25/04

Union Card : Union problems on a job site in Manhattan.-Plots with Guns, Live 5/28/04

The Goddamned State: Sweet Captain Diamond Lou White, a Prominant Lawyer, hires PI Reilly to recover something of a very large nature that has been stolen from him by his old war buddy.-Crime Scene, Live 6/15/04

Shooting Incident: New Brunswick Detective Lueken becomes involved in an unusual shooting incident.-Shred of Evidence, Live 08/12/04

The Guy From Seattle: Gino, a mobster on the rise, has to show an annoying new guy the ropes.-Thieve's Jargon, Live 09/03/04

The Most Dangerous Animal in Louisiana: Private Investigator Reilly is hired by his old buddy Tony Carlisle to check up on some 'horses' he inherited on a plantation in Louisiana.-Plots with Guns, September 28'th 04

The Syrian: Omar Aboud, a American military policeman serving in present day Iraq, suspects his informant is using him to take out the competition in the illegal weapons trade.-Shots Magazine #23, October 11'th 04

Throwdown Piece: A love sick college student steals corrupt New Brunswick Detective Tolland's throwdown piece. Mississippi Review, Guest Edited by Anthony Neal Smith Live January 9, 2005  Read a Review by Bob Tinsley

The Dummy Receipt: A tow truck driver witnesses a mob hit at a New Jersey Turnpike rest stop. Junk in the Trunk Web Anthology, Live February 05

Overtime Opportunities: The head of a robbery ring running out of a lumber yard suspects he might have made a mistake when he brings on a new guy.. Shred of Evidence, Live February 3, 2005 Read a Review by Bob Tinsley scroll down toward the bottom of the page.

Initiation: You can pick up some unusual things at a police auction.

Parking Violation: Officer Tolland has a problem with the New Brunswick Parking Bureau.Live July 05 at Crime Scene

You Always Pay: A washed up professional wrestler, an idiot man child, and a cigarette smuggling deal gone wrong. Live 10-31-05 at Thug Lit

 Tuiton Hike: The Mazzucco family muscles in on the tuition racket at a major university. Live 01-11-06 at Demolition

Second Choice: A mobster regrets some of his decisions. Live 02-15-06 at Hardluck Storeis

First Day Back: An Air Marshal's first day back from a well deserved suspension. Live Nov 06 at Thug Lit

Judy's Big Score: A petty thief tries to rip off a ATM machine from a dive bar with an old flame. Live February 07 at Thug Lit

An Anchored Friendship: A small town cop has to talk his buddy out a bad situation. Live May 07 at Demolition



The New Prosperity: Ethnic tensions and barroom brawling in Dublin Ireland. Dublin Noir, Edited by Ken Bruen, Akashic Books, Coming to bookstores in March 2006


Union Card : Union problems on a job site in Manhattan.-Plots with Guns Print Anthology


Nested Russians: Tony Carlisle and his associates face the consequences when the Russian's they hit in The Backside of Liberty strike back.- Crime Spree, September 04

The Jimmie I made in High School: A pair of car jackers steal the wrong car. Bullet Magazine,  November 09-04

Other Fiction:


Law Story: An absurd letter extolling the merits of a Supreme Court nominee. Thieve's Jargon, October 16, 04



Novel Exerts:

Carlisle's Marker: Noir Originals, Live Jan 04

Non Fiction:

'Graham Greene's Noir': Noir Originals, Live 07/04/04.

'This Town Needs an Enema': An essay about cleaning up a corrupt town, complete with some local New Jersey color. - Noir Originals, Live 11-22-04

I'm Going to Nail a Soccer Mom: Read about my designs on the soccer mom of my dreams. Soccer Club, Coming soon

The Thing is, I was Guilty, Unlike Clinton, I did inhale. Hardluck Stories, Live 01/20/04.

Who Loves Ya, You Balding Bastard, I'm going bald, but at least I'm in good company because my favorite cops Vik Mackey and Theo Kojak also suffer from male pattern baldness. Hardluck Stories, Live 04/20/05

Flash Fiction:

I Occasionally publish short pieces at Tribe's Flashing in the Gutter:

Here's the page with my stories.


Book Reviews:

Jersey Luck by Tom De Haven: Great New Jersey based crime novel. Noir Originals, Live 11-22-04


You always Pay: 3'rd Place in Joe Konrath's 2'nd writing contest. March 04